It looks like the Bank has been raided not by one but Three Robbers…

Will have to check and confirm details……

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5 Responses to BREAKING NEWS….

  1. No threats until the Police Helicopter left the area… and that was probably some kind of crime syndicate plot to free up access.

  2. cHramm says:

    I think you are right!!

  3. stuarthowe11 says:

    well – the pictures are in, looks like a very co-ordinated raid to me…

  4. cHramm says:

    Full blog coming soon- it has been a busy weekend!!

  5. Yeah Yeah… a new dawn for the cops in Scotland! Today Alert-2 has arrived in Edinburgh from the US. Refuel… kick the skids, light the fire and this helo is going westbound to execute arrest warrants in Ayrshire!

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