Bank Raid, Bank Raid, Bank Raid!!!

It was subtle, but quietly and slowly a team was gathering. I am not sure anyone noticed, I certainly didn’t. It started on Day 3…
Retrieve It from a Cachebatesandlaw retrieved Elderly Rob from Hathern TB Hotel, his home cache.
then on Day 5…
Retrieve It from a Cachebatesandlaw retrieved Freddie le Fox from The Bean Trail #8  and
Retrieve It from a Cachebatesandlaw retrieved Shotgun Stu from Freedom !
   – all with the innocuous message- Going to Scotland next month so will move on then.

Then it all went quite- not that anyone was listening anyway!
On Day 41 The Midlands Three started to move, but since they were only dipped into caches it again went unnoticed- but the dips were moving further North with each one!!

Then on Day 42 an eye-witness have this report…
On a cold and frosty morning….3 intrepid robbers had met up, co-ordinated a plan that had literally been minutes in the making, and in the wee small hours, raided a small provincial bank in the backwaters of Ayrshire.Cam1  
Due to recent raids – security was high at the bank and therefore special measures were taken, extra locks placed on the safe and security personnel on guard most of the time.
All this was in vain at around 5.30am this morning……
Cam1aA digger from a local construction site was hijacked by one of the intrepid gang and a weak spot in the side of the building from the last raid taken advantage of – the digger driven straight through it, smashing the vault and spilling gold bullion all over the floor, rendering any security measures null and void


Given the early hour – no employees were around and thus no one was hurt. The CCTV footage is a bit grainy, but 3 robbers were seen loading a getaway vehicle full of loot and then seen speeding off in the direction of the border.

It is unknown at the current time the value of the items stolen – police currently have thrown a cordon round the immediate area in the hope that the gang – known only as the ‘Midlands Three’ are caught.

CCTV images confirm the reports.

Dropped Offbatesandlaw placed Elderly RobFreddie le Fox and Shotgun Stu in The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)

Elderly RobFreddyShotgun Stu

They each receive a shiny gold coin and will have a new label attached soon!

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One Response to Bank Raid, Bank Raid, Bank Raid!!!

  1. Police-51 is trying to get back in the game… A hop out of Exeter north to Weston along the M5 in North Somerset. Now a pilot that will patrol Bristol then further North in to the Midlands.

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