Day 45

After all the Hustle and Bustle at the weekend with a major Bank raid. I have now managed to catch up on the moves made over the weekend and later part of the week.

Retrieve It from a Cacherobbiefish retrieved TheDewdMyster from Newcastle Ferry TB & GC Hotel

Grabbed it today as part of an England/Scotland collaboration, in order to facilitate discreet travel upwards (Northwards) towards one of the two bank goals. Not to worry, the Scottish contingent is used to avoiding the gentlemen (and women) in dark uniforms and white cars!!

Dropped Offlgxkls placed The Grizzly’s Robber in 2014 Events Event

This little robber has been lurking in my bag for too long, so as we were going to the Nottingham event we thought we would take him along.
No sooner had we arrived than he had disappeared into the pocket of a very nice Scottish lady heading to the Ayr mega.[:D]

Dropped OffSquiffs placed Mad Max the Wrestler in A Fifty:Fifty Chance Of A Centenary Celebration

Retrieve It from a CacheWhitfield Tigers retrieved Bella “Frog Charmer” Trembles. from Jackanory

Retrieve It from a CacheThe Octogenarians grabbed Bella “Frog Charmer” Trembles.

Taken from The Whitfield Tigers as we are more likely to leave him in a cache where he could find himself on the way to Scotland. Put in a cache near Dover he would more likely end up on the continent.

Retrieve It from a CacheKrystal Tipps retrieved Police-51 on Patrol from Summit Or Nuthin!

Found with djelibeli yesterday but unable to log on my phone. Will move slightly closer to his quarry asap.

Retrieve It from a Cachetentmantent retrieved Mad Max the Wrestler from A Fifty:Fifty Chance Of A Centenary Celebration

Dropped OffSteve73306 placed The Terrible Two in Labore Et Honore – Iron Mad Wilkinson

Dropped OffKrystal Tipps placed Police-51 on Patrol in WSL Travelbug Hotel

Retrieve It from a CacheAgent75 retrieved Freddie le Fox from Boxes n Buns

Retrieve It from a CacheLBFlash retrieved Drake Dastardly – Robber Duck from Action Stations!

Dropped OffSaga Louts placed Buster Banks in A 55 Star  Hotel for TBs

Dropped Offsue&ian placed Bilbo the bank burglar in Round the Bend

Dropped OffAgent75 placed Freddie le Fox in North Ayrshire Triangle 1

Retrieve It from a CacheAustin6007 retrieved Police-51 on Patrol from WSL Travelbug Hotel

Taken off from Weston, but experienced some turbulence. So staying overnight in Bristol, before going to the Midlands in the morning. Any news where the robbers are hiding?

That completes all the moves so far but finally a couple of Robbers seem to have gone AWOL. Please keep an eye out for them.


The King, the Troll and the Joker

Vital Evidence

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One Response to Day 45

  1. Yahoo… ALert-2 police helicopter has arrived Edinburgh, Scotland! Pilot assigned… aircraft being readied, refueled and targeting system loaded. Will be moving westbound toward Ayrshire to pick up where Police-51 left off a month ago. Speaking of Police-51… It is overcoming the rogue “Otter” run to SW England… and is now in Nottingham looking for targets worthy of engaging.

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