Elderly Rob arrested!!

It looks as though Elderly Rob was headed for another bank raid, despite not having the coords attached!! However, he obviously hadn’t realised that we were already arranging for police reinforcements to be sent to the Edinburgh area. He just made it all a bit easier!!

Maybe winning last year’s game made him complacent!? He didn’t seem at all cautious as…
Dropped Off Gryffe placed Elderly Rob in Edinburgh TB Hotel on Day 46.


But then on Day 47 Alert-2 with the assistance of cacher 6669 uttered the fatal words…
Elderly Rob, I am arresting you on suspicion of the theft of a quantity of gold on 14 March 2014 from The Mega Bank (Ayrshire). You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something that you later rely on in court. Anything that you do say may be given in evidence against you.

Elderly Rob.
Dropped Off6669 placed Alert-2 on Patrol in Edinburgh TB Hotel
This means that Elderly Rob is now out of the game and although his label is still attached he heads home in shame and cannot win a prize this year!!

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2 Responses to Elderly Rob arrested!!

  1. After the “Blazing Otter” reposition of Police-51 to SW England and the increase of criminals surging northward… the Police Commissioner authorized additional police resources to be deployed. The VAST group had an agency pilot was operating Alert-2 in Florida. A recall was executed and Alert-2 was qucikly enroute across the Atlantic.

    Robbie McThiefy’s bank hit and quick border crossing shook the Police Scotland establishment…. vowing to implement pro-active anti-crime tenants to combat and deter a repeat of Edinburgh. The first visible sign of this has been realized today with the apprehension of Elderly Rob. Having sympathy it was decided to not confiscate his loot nor transfer him to a detention center. His relatives in the East Mids will put him back in the rest home soon enough!

    Now on to Ayrshire to clean up the rest of the criminal scurge!. And our beloved Police-51 has rebounded too. It has made it in to Nottingham. Just a matter of time before we zero in on a robber/suspect there. Hey Robbie… maybe Police-51 should stop in to do a little questioning! You know your arrest warrant may not be legal until you quit cowering in the safe house… Might just do a low pass since we’re in the area!

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