Day 48

Well Elderly Rob has been arrested and there have only been a few moves over the last couple of days.

Retrieve It from a CacheSteve73306 retrieved The Terrible Two- BenandJules EmCache Robber from Labore Et Honore – Iron Mad Wilkinson

Realised I had dropped off instead of ‘visited’ on the way to Newby Bridge. TB still safe and sound.  Would have been tricky dropping off into a Micro cache.

Retrieve It from a Cachepitboots56 grabbed FairyROBmother- Glamrockangels EmCache Robber

this TB was grabbed from postman pat in Masham, will move along soon.

Dropped OffSteve73306 placed The Terrible Two- BenandJules EmCache Robber in Walla Crag

Good luck on your journey North.

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2 Responses to Day 48

  1. PlasmaWave says:

    Very odd about Elderly Rob’s missing destination co-ords tag!!! Definitely wearing it when dropped-off into his home cache. Perhaps ‘batesandlaw’ wanted to keep a memento of his epic journey …

  2. My oh my… the Ayrshire Magistrate has issued another arrest warrant! Seems Freddie Le Fox’s wanted poster is circulating among law enforcement. Yahoo a new target!

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