Day 51

A good selection of moves at the end of this week…

Retrieve It from a Cache6669 retrieved Elderly Rob from Edinburgh TB Hotel

Since I was responsible for your comeuppance and even though you don’t deserve it, as you are an evil thieving ******* who robs from our hard working bankers, who for almost no reward at all strive daily for nothing other than the good of the country and us all, I feel that I must at least move you southwards to a jail nearer to your home.  I will however, be able to torture you to find out where you hid the gold.  The stuff that you are carrying is clearly fake and a decoy, so worthless that even the police didn’t steal it from you when you were in their custody.

Retrieve It from a CacheJackieC retrieved The Grizzly’s Robber from 2014 Events Event

Next stop….. the Ayrshire Bank!
Will drop off on Sunday [:D]

Retrieve It from a Cachestevo185 retrieved Bilbo the bank burglar from Round the Bend

Retrieve It from a Cachedan-sam retrieved Spire67’s  Halloween Pumpkin from Smuggler Quest 7 – Salt Pans

Dropped Off6669 placed Elderly Rob in ISSI NOHO

Dropped OffReyLeps placed Sams Getaway Car in #10 Jurassic Jaunt

Dropped OffReyLeps placed Ronnie The Robber in #21 Jurassic Jaunt

Retrieve It from a CacheDarlynne57 grabbed Bilbo the bank burglar

Grabbed it from stevo185 at an event.

Dropped Offdan-sam placed Spire67’s  Halloween Pumpkin in Home cache

And finally a note has been placed. Has one of the coppers been kidnapped ???

The Owen Gang posted a note for The Derby Bobby

The Derby Bobby is not in Fiddlers Forage 10

Lets see how this pans out ???

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