And yet another Bank Raid!!

I will have to check but I don’t think we have had this many bank raids in a week before!?
At least the Ayrshire Bank gets a bit of a break and time to regroup as the The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) takes a bit of the heat for a change!!

It seems there was some planning went into this heist, which is not surprising considering those involved. Familiar names appeared on the scene as TheDewdMyster shifted northwards and then, with the help of 6669
An audacious daylight robbery in the midday sun.  A local female security guard, disguised as a neighbour, called from the safety of a nearby building, but with my disguise as a respectable gentleman, she was easily fobbed off.  The safe was a little tricky to crack, but TheDewdMyster is now rolling in gold.



Dropped Off6669 placed TheDewdMyster in The MEGA Bank
He will have a shiny coin attached and then sent on his way home.

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