Bank Raid!!

The Bank Raids keep coming, there is barely time to recover from the last one!
It was looking likely on Day 49 when JackieC told The Grizzly’s Robber
Next stop….. the Ayrshire Bank!   Will drop off on Sunday

Despite the efforts of local police hearing this tip off, the inevitable happened…
Slight detour on my dash for the ferry, I was tempted to take the grizzly bear robber with me as I thought he would be safe from the polis there…. but no, he said he needed funds before he made his bid for freedom.
So we headed for the bank and he made an ariel assault on the bank, using the hedges as cammo. Good luck wee robber, hope you evade the polis!

Grizzly Robber


Dropped OffJackieC placed The Grizzly’s Robber in The MEGA Bank
He gets a shiny new coin and a homeward label, and will be set off shortly!!

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One Response to Bank Raid!!

  1. Dern… our Scotland pilot got paid off and turned into a “transporter!” That is okay It takes a bit for these greedy grabbers to decide and make a run for the border. Our Criminal Analysis Team (CAT) gave at least 24-hour notice to units and bank managers of the two hits. Slackers! They need to learn to lock the doors behind them better!

    When is Mega Policeman in Ayrshire going to start responding to this crime spree in HIS JURISDICTION? We already sent one helicopter from the US to help.

    Chase-4 is on it’s way back to the Netherlands from Ecuador soon. Might be able to make a channel crossing some time. Police-41 is not ready yet… still at the factory. Have two SWAT officers pounding on our desk daily wanting to deploy on special assignment.

    How about some back up from the England officers? Ummm not happening there either… a K9 and a Bobby have run off, an Inspector that is who knows where with human partner. How about UK Police Commissioner reassigning some reserve cops (2013) from Wales and South England? And Police-51 is shadowing Robert the Robber in S. England.

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