Freddie le Fox Arrested

The police are earning their salt this week as Alert-2 on Patrol makes his second arrest!

Freddie ArrestStaying in the same cache for a while, especially in this area with a policeman around, was risky. Freddie le Fox had been in North Ayrshire Triangle 1 since  Day 44, after having robbed The Bank as part of the Midlands Three. One of the others was arrested after running over to Edinburgh,  whilst the other has not yet left the safe-house. Can you blame him!?

Today’s arrest was understated…

Freddie ArrestedDropped Offheathland placed Alert-2 on Patrol in North Ayrshire Triangle 1
Just captured Freddie le Fox

This means that Freddie is now out of the game and although his label is still attached he heads home in shame and cannot win a prize this year!!

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