Robert the Robber Arrested!

The undercover method has failed. After ‘going missing’ from his home cache, Robert the Robber seemed to be going for a round-about route heading down to South West without logging his movements! He was then biding his time in relative safety around Bristol until Patrol-51 seemed to go astray to the same area!!

It all started to go wrong for Robert when Retrieve It from a Cache Krystal Tipps retrieved him…
Will move on shortly, however he is horribly close to a policeman who is chasing him. I have a feeling that Robert the Robber is close to getting nicked! Watch this space!

Patrol-51 put a lot of effort into his new priority and found a very cooperative pilot…

Robert Arrested
Dropped OffKrystal Tipps placed Robert the Robber in Avon Haven and
Dropped OffAustin6007 placed Police-51 on Patrol in Avon Haven

This means that Robert the Robber is now out of the game and although his label is still attached he heads home in shame and cannot win a prize this year!!

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2 Responses to Robert the Robber Arrested!

  1. Chock up another arrest for the Cops! We are on a roll… Alert-2 has reported intercepting Freddie Le Fox in Scotland! Now that is three! BAM… two in 24-hours. We gotta make our quota you know… It’s a government numbers thing. Now let’s see who is on the radar next… Buster that punk hiding in Edinburgh Castle and hmmmm… how about the one in Warwickshire. CAT-I will be looking into this soon. Meanwhile, the rest of the successful robbers are cowering in their safe houses… Here chicky, chicky boys are you yellow… to afraid to make a run for the border? Do you hear the whirl of helicopter blades whirling overhead?

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