Bank Raid!!!!!

After a lull in action of 44 days for the Banks they had let down their guard!
The story began yesterday on Day 122…
Retrieve It from a Cachecrobba retrieved Drake Dastardly from Ivy’s gone a Caching!!
simply saying… Let’s take the bank!

but it seems the planning had begun a few days before…|
BOOM! Safe blown! When checking the caches in Bonnyrigg as working here this week I looked at this and thought crikey! Can grab drake dastardly on way up m6 and have just dropped him off at bank! Best cache ever!


Drake Dastardly Coin
Dropped Offcrobba
placed Drake Dastardly in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will be placed into the safe house soon.

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One Response to Bank Raid!!!!!

  1. Base Operations says:

    Rozzer coverage a little weak there… and well every where. Oh my, DI Chramm has went on a US vacation, and Freddie Le Fox and a Dutch pilot commandeered Alert-2 helicopter from Ayrshire and went across the Channel to Holland. Suppose they’re trying to catch up with Elderly Rob.

    Meanwhile, Police-51 is still running silent and has it’s cloaking device activated. Yes… we really want to believe that… not! Bristol a tough area… things just seem to disappear. Police-19 is slated to clear customs soon and officially get placed in Humberside Yorkshire area by the local immigration representative.

    Chase-2, currently a non-jurisdiction “VAST agency” asset, has been patrolling Lancashire. The police air service has petitioned the “Police Commissioner” for transfer assignment of Chase-2 to the Bank Job to back fill the missing Police-51 and hijacked Alert-2. We await the official designation order on the player page before transfer and assumption of arrest jurisdiction authority.

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