Bank Raid!!!!

And just like buses, more than one at a time, will there be a third to make the saying complete?

This one began back at the beginning of may when Darth was picked up by NewInners
We will be able to help this on its way to Scotland, we have good contacts up there.

But then he went to London and France before gradually making his way back up through Yorkshire, slowly!

Then finally today…
Made a trip to the Bank today to deposit (haha!) Darth Raider – Approached the premises with stealth only to be caught with our hands on the safe!  After a bit of smooth talking and promises that no one would be hurt we managed to leave Darth Raider to enable him to carry out the bank job.  We wish him all the best on the rest of his mission.

Darth Raider Coin
Dropped OffNewInners 
placed Darth Raider in The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will be placed into the safe house soon.


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One Response to Bank Raid!!!!

  1. Base Operations says:

    Looks like we have a pilot in Police-19. Pilot called in saying he has taken off from N. Yorkshire and has his sights set on a robber in East Mids. The pursuit is ON!

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