Valerio Viccei Arreseted

Just like his name-sake he had success but ultimately got arrested!! Lets hope that unlike his name-sake he will learn his lesson and not end up the same way.

After successfully completing (but not winning) The Bank Job 2012 he has a year off. This year, though, he couldn’t help himself. The rest doesn’t seem to have helped, though, as 5 months later with only 3 moves he was still in North West England on Day 153…

Dropped OffShortGaiters placed Valerio Viccei in Mere Sands Wood: Reap the Whirlwind
A bit closer to Scotland.

But his movements did not go unnoticed…
Chase-2 this is Base Ops…
10:50 UTC — CAT has been notified that Valerio Viccei was observed entering a geo-lodging facility about an hour ago. approximately 10 miles north of his last know address. Now in the Mere Woods area east of Southport. Your Map display has been updated. Case assignment to be posted with 10-43 later.
Base Ops 10-64viccei arrest

Chase-2’s pilot, stevebm, was quick to respond…

Valerio arrested
Dropped Offstevebm placed Valerio Viccei in Mere Sands Wood: Reap the Whirlwind

Chase 2 arrested Valerio Viccei – Bank Robber at the mere sands cache. Chase 2 was drop at the cache to make the arrest. He was left in the cache waiting to be picked up by ground support.

So, Valerio Viccei is out of the game.

Then, to rub salt into the wound another cacher visited later in the day…
Retrieve It from a Cache RedwoodWarriors retrieved Valerio Viccei from Mere Sands Wood: Reap the Whirlwind
Guess where we’re going next month? Yes, the Mega in…. Ayr! 

He may make it to The Bank, but he will not be successful in robbing it and will not receive a gold coin!


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2 Responses to Valerio Viccei Arreseted

  1. What is a robber’s biggest fear in 2014? Hearing the whirl of helicopter rotor blades overhead surely creates some stress. Most likely is the sound of the police helicopter descending to the robber’s GZ. Or… how about the log postings before and after. Surely, any and all of the above. Four arrests, a few others have just runaway in fear of the law… now there are 22 more to go. The Airborne Intercept Unit’s UK Sector has Police-19 and Chase-2 refueled, ready, and pilots standing by to take a bite out of crime!

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