Bank Raid!!!!

Just before all the action kicks off as cachers from all over The World head to The Bank areas this one slips in!!

Once again it began with a seemingly innocuous log…
Retrieve It from a Cacheden sure kalkun retrieved Mad Max the Wrestler from Overlooking something
You’re coming with me!

Only to be followed shortly after by…

Mad Max Coin
Dropped Offden sure kalkun
placed Mad Max the Wrestler in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will be placed into the safe house soon.


…but it almost never happened- den sure kalkun reported…
At GZ I was a little lot confused.  There is no place to hide a cache here, surely?  I tried one, but if it was there, surely it would have had a particular attribute?  Double-checked… no, that attribute was not there.  I was then ready to give up, but Elpth found the cache.  And yes, there is a missing attribute.  This would have been a DNF were it not for Elpth’s boldness.  Well done her.

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One Response to Bank Raid!!!!

  1. Absolutely awesome… Just one more robber loaded down with loot when the police helicopters get in country again. They can’t run very fast with all that extra “baggage.” That should be just about right… robber gets out of safe house when the sound of rotor blades come whirling in… for the MEGA Robber Sting!

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