Darth Raider Arreseted

Well, this is a bit complicated since those at the MEGA are still catching up with logging caches and trackables but after contacted a few of those involved I think it is legit!!!
Let’s try to pull the events apart…

After successfully robbing The Bank, Dark was placed in the safe house on 1st August
Dropped OffROSE-&-THISTLE placed Darth Raider in A Mega 2014 Travellers Motel

from where he seems to have been Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved later that day by Gem516 who proceeded to take him, in her handbag, toDropped Off UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran on 2nd August.

Unfortunately, at the same time…
RedwoodWarriors, piloting Chase-2 on Patrol had received a tip-off…
Acting on a tip-off that the suspect had fled Safe House at motel due to pressure from motel manager and guests, Ayreshire Police Chief commanded Chase-2 to patrol Eglinton campsite to apprehend suspect.

It was not until the next day (2nd August), however…
Dropped OffRedwoodWarriors placed Chase-2 on Patrol in UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran
Extended patrol to Ayr Racecourse several miles South where a large crowd was gathering at the Mega. Suspect found hiding like the coward he is, in a lady’s handbag. Arrested and held in custody.

Darth Raider Bars

Discovered ItRedwoodWarriors discovered Darth Raider
You are under arrest on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, fleeing justice, attempting to pervert the course of justice, possession of an offensive weapon – to wit, one “Death Grip” – and possession of an offensive face. You are not obliged to say anything, but I should warn you that if you do not now mention something that you wish to give in evidence later this may harm your defence. Do you understand? And you’re lying. You are not in the Travellers Motel, you were hiding in a lady’s handbag several miles away at the Mega in Ayr. Chase-2, Police Interceptor, on patrol in Ayrshire.


Darth arrest

It seems that Darth was then picked up and taken to his home cache straight away!!! Despite his shameful actions his owners seem happy to have him back…

Retrieve It from a Cachecooper troopers retrieved Darth Raider  from Game of Two halves (His Home Cache)
Yay he made it to the bank and back home.
Indy and I went for an early morning walk and found him the home cache. Darth had a quick go on the zip wire at the park before making Indy carry him home.

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2 Responses to Darth Raider Arreseted

  1. cHramm… See what happens when you are away! This robber using the dark side of the force to make his get away. Good thing the helicopters are equipped with filters and such to counter these things. Plus, nothing better than pilot’s that are well trained and conditioned to deal with the criminal element. That’s five “nicked” and time to head back into the Mids to snare those rascals that slipped out during the Mega distraction. And don’t any of them think that sneaking across the Channel and back has gone undetected!

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