MEGA Bank Raid!!!!

It was always going to happen, as cachers from all over the country descended on Ayrshire. But the journey for Bilbo began on 31st July…

Retrieve It from a CacheHandymoo retrieved Bilbo the bank burglar from LoB Moorcock

Well the things you have to do in the name of caching. Well what do you know, we are on our way to Scotland, looks like The Family will be involved in a robbery. Shhhh don’t tell Eve she’s a police lady

Only to be followed shortly after by…

Bilbo CoinDropped OffHandymoo placed Bilbo the bank burglar in The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)

As we made our way towards the MEGA Bank we saw a security agent dressed in plain clothes like a muggle. He was walking an aged labradoggle as part of his disguise and from the look of the labradoggle we knew we would be ok if we had to run for it!

We parked the getaway vehicle (the (C)achers (R)esponse (V)ehicle) not too far away from the bank and made our way on foot with Bilbo as he had assured us that this was indeed the bank.

We did see someone from the Criminal Analysis Team (CAT) but to be purrfectly honest he looked more like a cat and gave us a passing glance before paying us no notice at all.

Moo and Great Aunt T did notice that the boys were hanging back as we approached the tellers window and they were rather unsure in case there were any security cameras, but it looks like they are CATnapping as there is no one around. Maybe they are doing security at Eglinton Park this evening!

Great Uncle J was brave and joined us at the bank and said “Is that a deposit box[?]” Moo took a look and opened the door. Well what do you know, Moo deposited Bilbo into the bank, job done. We managed to slip Bilbo in under the radar.

Took Nothing, but we can’t vouch for Bilbo


A coin will be attached and he will be sent on his way home, still 2nd and 3rd place to play for!!

Further reports from Islalou
At last we have arrived in Ayrshire, and after booking in at the local PI, and only time for a quick cup of coffee, it was time to once again join forces with The Family, for a major mission, Ssshhh we are off to rob The Bank!

I first became aware of this puzzle cache a couple of months ago when planning our trip to Ayr, next step was to try and find a robber. Research let me to believe Bilbo was some 50+ miles from home and had been languishing in a cache for over six weeks, and seemed to be heading in the wrong direction.

A quick email exchange with Bilbo’s top dog and she agreed if we found Bilbo we could keep him for several weeks before heading on the long trip north. Bilbo has traveled with us to all sorts of place in an attempt to confuse anyone trying to catch up with him, but we have kept him close to us, so no-one every knew he was in close proximity.

For the raid it’s self we decided to employ the services of a get away driver, (and Big Bruv-in-Law seemed the perfect choice) This meant sharing our secret, I knew the consequences of sharing information, so cleared this with The Banker first. Now how to let The Family (Nene Valley Caching Mafia) in on the secret…We were travelling in convoy through Lancashire when I dropped Bilbo into a cache for Lil’ Sis to pick up, so now she is the major player in the heist and surely I am only an accessory to the crime, my punishment will be less.

Once in the right vicinity we were surprised the security guard seemed only to be a accompanied by an aging labrador and not some fearsome doberman. Apart from the the coast seemed clear. It was the girls that took the lead, as the boys must have though we were nuts looking for a bank here, but it was Great Uncle J that spotted the easiest way to gain access, Lil’ Sis smashed the outer wall and made her way straight to the vault.

Left Bilbo to compete the job and made a hasty retreat to the get away vehicle.

My thanks to The Banker for allowing The Family to complete this cache as a team effort, it would not have been some much fun with out Lil’ Sis and Big Bruv-in-Law.

A well thought out concept, and we look forward to more of the same at future MEGA events.

Good Luck Bilbo, hope you make it to your safe house, we have really enjoyed being part of this unusual race.

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