Bank Raid!!!

Back in July, Sam’s Getaway Car made it so close to The Bank. Dropped Off C’s placed it in Hawthornden Station – Mega Safe House which, although looked after by the same dodgy banker, is not The Bank. And there it remained whilst everyone headed off to the East coast for the Ayrshire Mega. Not so the Theclarkiebums who retrieved it.
However, it was not looking good as they started to plan their Bank Raid…
Found this in Hawthornden Safe house. Got back to the car and took a better look at it.
Read the coords on his label and thought I can get him to the place he would like to go…only it lead me to a house in a street. Quite confused now!
Will see if I can figure where I have gone wrong or just drop him off again.

It turns out that what they needed was Northern Scottish air. They went for a trip North and must have worked it all out because only a few days later…
Sam's Getaway Car CoinDropped OffTheclarkiebums placed it in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
We had to case this joint a few times before we finally got into the bank and blew the safe where we deposited Sam’s getaway car!
Our first resulted in a bit of a puzzled look on my face…call this a bank? I just couldn’t imagine it! (Or where it could be??)
Second outing to suss this bank out had us casing the joint from the safety of our car whilst 3 young security guards on scooters and bikes patrolled the area…we decided the time was not right and left after a bit.

Third attempt resulted in a drive by due to the bank being shielded by security giving their patrol car a good old cleaning!
Tonight however on our fourth attempt there was no security to be seen so a swift (well as swiftly as humanly possibly by Mr Clarkiebum!) Sam’s getaway car was dropped off and job done!!

It will have a shiny coin attached, and will then be returned to the Safe House ready for the journey home this time!

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One Response to Bank Raid!!!

  1. That’s fine another chap that got himself locked up in the vault! ha ha! Took three months to get Alert-2 back in country after Freddy Le Fox and his Dutch pilot hijacked it and flew over the North Sea into The Netherlands. The pilot eventually dumped the helicopter after finding out that Chase-1 was patrolling the country. Fearing felony theft charges spooked him I suppose. Why he still hangs out with Freddy is a mystery to us.

    A little help from a couple of local Dutch ferry pilots got Alert-2 to where Chase-1 could rendezvous and get the helicopter to our agency service center there. Last week, a ferry pilot made the hop back across the Channel and landed in Cambridge. Now have three helicopters in England… Cumbria, Lancashire and Cambridgeshire.

    Five down… 18 more to go! You know D.I.Chramm has been on holiday NW of London since returning from the US. Maybe Alert-2 can swing by and give him a lift! Time to get the ground units involved.

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