Robber Update- Day 239 (part 1)

So, after a very quick win by Robbie McThiefy the rest of the robbers are struggling to get home. These are those who have still not made it to The Bank yet…

PumpkinSpire67’s Halloween Pumpkin  is in the hands of thejackrustles
Well he continues to be a wide traveler and I suppose we really have to question his commitment to the robbery… He stayed withing striking distance of the The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh), he was then one of only a few robbers to visit the Mega Event in Ayrshire, not many hundreds of metres from The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire). He has since visitied Luxembourg, Germany, Northern Scotland and is now back in Northeast England!! No sign of heading to either Bank soon.

Pirate Pete is in the hands of Mrs Scothog
Another one of the few to visit The Mega Event in Ayrshire, but sadly did not go for The Bank just down the road!! He is now touring Northern Scotland, and recently attended another event!

Buster BanksBuster Banks is in the hands of ReggieCat
After initially heading North from the East Midlands he has obviously been distracted by geocaching as he has completed many series in London and the South East, where he still seems to be. No sign of heading for The Bank soon.

Robbie McThiefy MissingRobbie McThiefy is Missing
Sadly this veteran of the game and this year’s winner seems to have disappeared in Wales. He was last seen in Cwm find me!

Bella Trembles MissingBella “Frog Charmer” Trembles is Missing
It seems she went to London and got lost in the crowd. She was last seen in East Wickham Open Space #4.

Fairy RobmotherFairyROBmother is Missing 
Sadly she did not move after her initial jump North. She was last seen in Newton by the Sea.

Davy PiggDavy “The Blue Fox” Pigg is Missing.
He only made one move within the East Midlands, although that was never really confirmed as he has not been seen since. He was last seen in Milton Brook Cache.

Commisioner RodzCommissioner Rodz (retired) is Missing.
It was not his size that hindered him, it was not being able to move from his Home Cache! He was last seen in RoundAbout Hilton – Large.

Terrible Two MissingThe Terrible Two is Missing
Only this week I have been contacted by someone clarifying the riules becasue they were heading to pick these chaps up on their way to The Bank!. But when they got there the cache was empty. They were last seen in Birdie birdie cheep cheep!

Of course, these last few may just have gone undercover and will wonderfully appear in The Bank without anyone seeing them coming!!?

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