Robber Update- Day 239 (part 2)

And for those trying, but mostly failing, to get home…
(Although one is in striking distance!!)

Sam's Getaway Car Coin

Sam’s Getaway Car is in Thacham FC
Having robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 190 whilst everyone was over in Ayreshire at the Mega Event, he then took a long while to build up the confidence to leave the safe house. Then he overshot and is now in the South!

Bilbo CoinBilbo the bank burglar is in In The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)
He found the right ride and after languishing on the East he zoomed up to Scotland to rob In The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 182. It seems he is still there… hmmm?…

Mad Max CoinMad Max the Wrestler is in the hands of Tiny Essence
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 167 he stayed in the area, even visiting the Mega Event, which was risky since two police officers were there!! He then made a jump to the south west where he attended an event, and where he remains.

Drake Dastardly CoinDrake Dastardly is in the hands of twowithsticks ‘2WS’
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 122 he has not moved too far, and is obviously resting up in the North East before heading home. Or maybe, after a month, he has been adopted?

 Buster “The Punk” is in Dalhousie,s Hidden Trail 1
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 79 he staying in the area. People have found the cache since and not mentioned him, though.

TheDewdMysterTheDewdMyster is in Secret Garden
He is in striking distance, about 10 miles, of his Home Cache. Since robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 52 he has been touring Southern Scotland, only last week making a dash for home. He is a serious contender for the Silver Medal!!

Grizzly RobberThe Grizzly’s Robber is in the hands of ewanross1
Since robbing The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 52 he has toured Southern Scotland, but other than a slow move down to Yorkshire doesn’t seem too keen to get home!

Shotgun StuShotgun Stu is in Just pretend that your GPS is a Tricorder…
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 44 and ditched his fellow robbers to take a tour or Southern Scotland. He has made a slight jaunt south, but not far!!

GromitGromit the Bank Robber is in Felton Flight Path
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 39 and attempted a roundabout route home via France and the South Coast. It is not looking good as his current hide-out was raided and there is no sigh of him!!

Janitor CoinThe Janitor is in Cockburn’s Tomb
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 37 but then staying around the Mega sight seemingly unfound by any Mega attenders! However, he was then mysteriously discovered some distance away! No sign of heading home yet.

Valerio arrestedValerio Viccei- Bank Robber was Arrested.
Although he has made it home since!

Darth Raider BarsDarth Raider was arrested.
Just after making it to The Bank he visited the Mega Event where he met a policeman!

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One Response to Robber Update- Day 239 (part 2)

  1. Once again… no love for the rozzers!
    As of this posting Police-19 is manned and last reported in from Cumbria. However, no activity reports for over a month. Suppose because we have secured the Northwest and West Mids…

    So Chase-2 (credited with 2-arrests) has departed Lancashire and been temporarily reassigned back to our Agency’s Airborne Patrol Unit to conduct a month long mission in Australia and New Zealand.

    Alert-2 currently is awaiting a pilot in Cambridge after our operatives in The Netherlands got the two-time robber catcher back into the UK. A TB rescue has been posted since being inactive for over a month. Anyone know a pilot there? Maybe swing by and check on D.I. Chramm as well.

    Police-51 has went into the black hole after making an arrest in Bristol back in March.

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