2nd Robber makes it home!!!

It certainly seems like experience is key to this challenging Bank Job. In the past two years the game has been well finished by this point, but then this year it is Mega!! So it is no surprise that the winner is a third time robber, and so is the 2nd place!

The Janitor has made it home on Day 262.

In both of the previous two games he has been arrested! In 2012 he was the first to make it to The Bank, but was then arrested locally. Last year he didn’t even make it out of his home town before being arrested. So imagine the surprise when he robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on day Day 37, the second robber to rob a bank, and the first to rob that bank!

Janitor CoinThen, however, it all seemed to go wrong, it seemed at the time.
He set off on a tour of Scotland, with no sign of heading home. But then showed some hope by stopping of on the Isle of Arran, close to the site of the UK Mega event. Surely there will be loads of cachers passing through to bring him home? No. The cache he was placed in was not visited even once during the event!!

Then the cache was found, and the cacher reported no tb present!! What a shame.Mega Silver Coin

But then, mysteriously, he turned up in another cache in Southern Scotland- was this his experience paying off? It proved to be, because he comes in in second place, and receives the silver medal…

Still Bronze to play for. In the last update it was reported that The Dewdmyster was close to being home. Unfortunately he was picked up and taken well out of the area, so it is all to play for.

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One Response to 2nd Robber makes it home!!!

  1. Brad Bradley says:

    Well done you! Glad to see some are still in the game 🙂

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