Sams Getaway Car Arrested!!

Even this late in the game the police are tirelessly hunting down the criminals!!

It all started to go wrong on 6th December when…
Dropped Offaj_norwich placed it in Nightingale’s Perch in the Eastern England.

Just the day before, Police-19 on Patrol had set off south from the North East. Although originally headed for Milton Keynes it seems the pilot was hungry for an arrest. So…
Sams Getaway ArrestedDropped Offkeng-mk placed it to Nightingale’s Perch
After a covert mission to Farnham I am pleased to report that Sam Getaway Car has been apprehended!
Following the Farnham mission we refueled and headed for the Cambridge area where Sam had been last spotted.
We got there in time to apprehend the subject and take him into custody.

Sorry Sam- Out of the game!!

Sams Arrest

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6 Responses to Sams Getaway Car Arrested!!

  1. Yep… the never ending battle in law enforcement. Chances are that will be it for 2014. The eight or so robbers remaining “active” are still being held by cachers with only three still logging moves. Police-19 has been tasked to do a “well being” check on DI Chramm. So will the “season/game” close on New Year’s eve? Interested in preparing for 2015 run. When will 2015 game info be released?

    • cHramm says:

      I think, if we do it in 2015 we will go for a later start, so not 1st Feb like last year! Give a bit of a gap between the games. But, yes, a good idea to finish on 31st Dec.

      • Okay thanks. just posted your blog story of arrest on our FB page. Good on late start… have to remake Police-51 and Alert-2. Is Essex the new jurisdiction since I see that MEGA is there for 2015? Will probably rename Alert-2 remake to a Police ID for that region. And Chase-2 will transfer back to patrol unit since no longer needed for UK. Oh and some robber remakes too.

    • cHramm says:

      Not necessarily Essex. Last year was the first time it attached to the Mega. What about USA?

      • Ummm… Okay! A TransAtlantic heist? How intriguing… I’m in! Can’t wait for the details on this one and the rules. That will definitely take awhile to complete or are you having robbers start & rob in US then escape to UK versus round trip from UK… a thought.

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