3rd place- Bronze!!!!

Well, after 386 days the third robber has made it home, bringing an end to The Bank Job 2014!!

The action has faded somewhat in the last few months, and I must say my interest has faded with it, but those little bits of plastic didn’t stop being picked up and moved on.

Just like the other two medalists Buster “The Punk” is a bit of a veteran having reached home 4th in 2013. He wasn’t placed in his home cache until Day 35, but was soon picked up and taken straight up to Scotland.

He then had a pretty close shave as he was picked up by a Czech cacher who thankfully realised that he wanted to stay in Scotland and passed him on to another cacher!

He robbed The Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 78. He then languished in Southern Scotland for months until being picked up and bought back down to the East Midlands.

Buster 3rd

Mega Bronze Coin

Congratulations to Muddy_Puddles and Buster “The Punk”

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One Response to 3rd place- Bronze!!!!

  1. Congrats to all the survivors! So glad a little helicopter amnesty ride helped close out the season. When does the next session start?

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