2014 Police Round-Up

The Police were so much more active this year, thanks to PigsThatFly a new Police TB owner!


Police-51 on Patrol had a few close calls and also made the 2nd arrest, getting Robert the Robber on Day 57.

Alert-2Alert-2 on Patrol also made the first arrest, getting Elderly Rob, last year’s winner, on Day 47. He then quickly moved on arrest Freddie Le Fox on Day 57, making him the most successful police tb so far!

Police-19Police-19 worked a few stake-outs and finally on Day315 it landed for the arrest of Sams Getaway Car.

Chase-2Chase-2 on Patrol was joint most successful Police Travel Bug.  He started on Day 146 by arresting Valerio Viccei. He then took part in the arrest of Darth Raider on Day 182 at the Ayrshire Mega Event!

The Derby Bobby should have been patrolling the East Midlands but once again proved wholly ineffective!

Mega PoliceManMega PoliceMan was patrolling the area around the MEGA, but a few robbers slipped right under his nose!!

D.I.Chramm also proved ineffective, despite having wide ranging authorisation!

k9Sadly, K9 Unit did not show up for duty at all!!

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