2014 Robbers Round-Up

OK, time to round off The Bank Job 2014 (which blended into 2015!!)

Only two robbers have not yet made it to either bank…

owned by fretdancerPirate Pete is still wandering around Scotland.Buster Banks

Buster Banks went South, but has made it back up to the East Midlands again!

There are six robbers still at large, having robbed the bank but not yet made it home…

Mad Max

Mad Max the Wrestler robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 167.
He then visited the Mega Event, then overshot to the South West where he was picked up in November. He remains in the hands of MoreOutdoor.

Grizzly RobberThe Grizzly’s Robber was successful robbing The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 52, but then wandered around, moving down to Yorkshire but not much further. Currently in the hands of Yakkaduncan.

Shotgun Stu

Shotgun Stu robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)on Day 52.
He then wandered around Scotland before leaving the country for New Zealand. He remains there in the hands of Cookay2012.

Bilbo Coin

Bilbo the Bank Burglar robbed  The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 182. However he hasn’t been seen since!

Drake Dastardly CoinDrake Datardly robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 122. He wandered around the North West for a while but has not been seen since August.


Congratulations to the three medalists…
Mega Gold CoinRobbie McThiefyRobbie McThiefy – Gold

He robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 9.
He made it home on Day 19


Janitor CoinMega Silver Coin

The Janitor – Silver

He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 37.
He made it home on Day 262


Buster CoinBuster “The Punk” – BronzeMega Bronze Coin

He robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 79.


Sadly, of the other 18 to start the race 6 were arrested and 12 have gone missing.

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