With Thanks, and future plans…

Thank you to everyone that took part in The MEGA Bank Job 2014!! It took a lot longer than it has in previous years, some would say ‘dragged on’ in fact, but lots of people gave up time and energy to make it happen!!

The Bankers were fantastic. The Mega Bank caches take a lot more maintenance than normal caches and both Mark (Ayrshire) and Pat (Edinburgh) did it whilst also planning and running the wonderfully successful UK Mega Event!!
The Blog and The Map were kept up to date whilst I was away by Andy and Kim, thanks to you both.
The Prize Coins were kindly donated by EMcache, the local cache group in the East Midlands, using money from their fundraising, this year done by Gemma. Thanks.


Well, this time last year we had started the race so we have already missed that boat for this year! There have been various ideas batted around, like making it International putting The Bank in USA or Europe? Good ideas!

For me, I think The Bank Job is over. I have enjoyed running it these past three years, but it is time to move on to other ideas and other projects. It was an idea a few of us came up with on a geo-walk back in 2012. We mused… ‘Could a more complicated TB race work, where the TBs have to get there and back, with other TBs trying to catch them?’ Yes, is the answer!!

That said, though, the game has always been much bigger than me, and about much more than me! The creativity of he wider community cachers has made it fun. All the TBs started here in East Mids, but as a community here we encountered cachers all over the place! Reading all the logs as these bits of plastic went on adventures! From Rodz causing havoc in 2012 and creating a fantastic narrative to follow. To KASCAN this year masterminding an intricate police network from across an ocean!!

Lots of people have engaged in the game in various ways, and that has been great fun. So if someone else wanted to carry on with it and organise future games then I would be more than happy to pass everything over to them, and I would definitely enter my robber!!
Get in touch via the comments below.

I am now off to hand myself in at the local police station…

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One Response to With Thanks, and future plans…

  1. Thanks Chramm… and best wishes to you and your future activities. CACHE On!

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