Enter Again!

If you entered The Bank Job 2013 then you can enter the same robber again., and keep the same Home Cache.

If he has not made it home yet… you can just reassign him to the new mission.
Of course, he will not have the new co-ordinates attached, but you could try to contact the cacher who picks him up next and ask them to attach a new label. You or I could email the label to them, or we could post it to them if they wanted.

If he has gone missing… you could get a replacement trackable-tag made, with your existing code [info here]. It would need to start again from your Home Cache.

Either way just send a personal message to me with the following info:
Your GC username:
Your trackable name:                                                                    TB code:
Your ‘home cache’:                                                                        GC code:
Your email address:
Please include a photo of your robber, and let me know which of the above situations applies to your robber.


5 Responses to Enter Again!

  1. Dez says:

    TB code go faster.

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  3. Alex Wilson says:

    What if he made it back but was so useless you don’t want to send him out again? 🙂

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