Buy a trackable tag especially!!

Get a specially made Bank Job trackable tag!

You can attach any trackable to your robber to join the game, but if you want you can buy one of these specially made Bank Job trackable tags:

bank job tag

You can order your own Bank Job tag,
with a unique tracking number
(click here)

Alternatively, if you already have a tracking code (maybe from a tb that has gone missing) then you can order this design with your tracking code on the back for £6.48 (click here)

Or, if you order before 20th January then you can order it (here) without postage costs, and it will be sent to me. Then you can collect it at the launch event on 31st January,

Event details to be confirmed…

Get a perfectly themed 7th UK Mega trackable tag!

Why not rub it in their faces and use a Mega Trackable tag to attach to your robber. Also, if you do this there will be more money in The Bank to steal!
On sale for £5 (shipping free)
(click here)


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