Taking part from outside he area…
If you do not live in the East Midlands but would still like to take part in the game then it is possible.

First you will need to become a member of EMcache (click here)
Then you will need to choose a home cache in the East Midlands and send your tb to me (chramm) so it can start the race in there. There is no deadline for entries, although the game starts on 12th February but tbs can enter anytime.

Once you are a member of EMcache you can contact me []
with the following info:

Your name:                                                                                     Your GC username
Your trackable name:                                                                    TB code:
Your ‘home cache’:                                                                         GC code:
Your email address:
Please also include a photo of your robber.


3 Responses to Guests

  1. Jo Ric says:

    Hi there. Have got my Bank job TB and just about to activate it. I am from outside the area so need to send it to you. I have joined the EM group, but when I clink on the link to contact you – it doesn’t work. Can you let me know what I do next?

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