Found A Trackable?

If you have retrieved one the trackables playing this game then please move it on as quickly as possible, and take the side of the tb you hold. So if you have a robber please help him rob the bank, or return home. If you have a policeman please help him arrest a robber. Please DO NOT try to subvert the missions.

If you have retrieved a robber…
There are two stages to the game, and there should be a label attached to the tb giving details of which stage that tb is on.

Stage One
To get to The Mega Bank. There are two Mega Banks; both in Scotland (the host of the 7th UK Mega Event,) the robber can go to either.  The actual co-ordinates of these caches are on the attached label. The robber needs to be left in the cache.
Once it has arrived there it will collect/steal a coin.

Stage Two
Once it has stolen a coin it needs to return to its home cache.
Again, the co-ordinates of the home cache should be on its label.

If there is no label attached to the tb then please leave a comment below and I will contact you with information, and I will ask you to replace the label.

If you have retrieved a policeman…
The objective of the policemen is to arrest the robbers.

If a policeman is placed in the same cache as a robber then that robber is out of the game.
Please have a look at the where the robbers are on the map.
If you can, please move the policeman closer to one of the robbers or even into the same cache as one.

If you do manage to get to a robber, please make an arrest! ‘Discover’ the robber in the cache you place the policeman in, and please take a photo of both of them together and put it on the tb log for each.  For an arrest, both tbs must be left in the cache.

Only the first drop of a policeman will count. He must them be retrieved by another cacher and moved on. So one cacher cannot keep hold of a policeman and just drop in multiple caches arresting multiple robbers!

Thank you for helping us play the game.


4 Responses to Found A Trackable?

  1. Kim says:

    Ronnie the Robber has made it to the bank but doesn’t have a return label. Do I need to send one to the current holder?

  2. Angie says:

    Look on eBay for geocaching trackable used… Someone is selling one of your robbers!

  3. Becky says:

    I picked up Pirate Pete today with a gold coin but he doesn’t have a label.

    • cHramm says:

      As the game has finished it is probably best to contact the owner and see what they would prefer you to do!
      Thanks for getting in touch.

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