Instructions for Robbers

A couple of days before the start of the game (or straightaway if you enter after the beginning) you will be emailed a picture file of the label you should attach to your robber.
It is designed to be printed, folded in half then laminated, but you are free to do whatever you want with it.
(If you want the information in a different form/size/shape, then [get in touch] and I will see what I can do.

On your tb page you are free to say what you want, but you MUST NOT reveal the co-ordinates for either Bank.  Feel free to link to this game site:  to give more information.

Below is an example of the code for what I have put as the descriptions on my robber tb:
(to enter the code, in the description box click the [Source] option and just copy and paste this text)

[click here to see what it looks like]

Short Description

<img alt=”The Bank Job” src=”; style=”width:450px;height:95px;” />

<br />

I am part of a game, so please move me on as quickly as possible.<br />
I want to travel towards Edinburgh or Ayrshire and steal a gold coin.<br />
I want to avoid the Police (TBXXXX, TBXXXX, TBXXXX, TBXXXX)

 Long Description

I am part of a game called <a href=””>The Bank Job</a>.<br />
<br /> Robbers from across the East Midlands are racing to The Bank to steal a gold coin and to be the first one back.<br />
I want to avoid the Police who are also trackable&nbsp;(TB4X0CWTB4N3RTTB3EDPXTB54WGE) so please do not move me close to one of these.  Click here for more info.

<br />XXXXX- replace this with your own information about your trackable<br />

I have a label attached to me that shows the co-ordinates of The Bank cache, but I cannot give these to anyone else, only those who find me.

<br />When I have stolen a gold coin, I will want to return home.


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