Instructions for The Banker

Thank you for agreeing to host The Bank and to take on the role of The Banker.
I will let you have the login and password information of the username The  Banker. Although there will be two of you it shouldn’t be a problem for you to both use the account.

The first thing you will need to do is to make The Bank and hide it .
It needs to be a cache that can hold 2 or 3 travel-bugs as well as the log book, a pen and anything else you want to put in it. You are free to use any container you want, and decorate it as you wish. The more ‘Bank’ themed the better!
The hide shouldn’t be too difficult, but it should be very safe, and not too public. It will hopefully see a steady flow of travel-bugs and it would be a big shame if they were to go missing.

It would be good to also place a Safe House cache for the robbers to be placed in for their return journey.  A safe-house cache which isn’t too far away for you to drop them in after they have robbed The Bank.

Once you have the caches and the places sorted you will need to input the info on the cache pages already made for you. You are free to adapt these pages and add any more details that you want to, I have just done a template to start you off. These won’t be allowed to be published until the robbers have been released on Feb 1st.

Then you wait for the robbers to arrive.

When a robber is placed in The Bank, you will need to go and retrieve the robber (using The  Banker account). Then…
1) Remove the label giving the co-ordinates for The Bank
2) Attach a gold coin to the chain
3) I will send you a new label to attach with instructions for that robber to return to his Home Cache. If possible, you should laminate the label so that it doesn’t get easily unattached.
4) As soon as possible, place it in the Safe House you have hidden.

Louise was The  Banker in 2012 and we had two Bankers last year and they all seem to have enjoyed the role. Please do ask any questions in the comments below so we can all see them, and the previous Bankers may be able to answer some of them better than me.


2 Responses to Instructions for The Banker

  1. Clipper247 says:

    I like the idea of a safe house cache for the robbers to begin their journeys home – maybe a rule that the Police can’t go in there? I might look at the A3 for that and afterwards turn it into a TB hotel 🙂

  2. chramm says:

    Yes, indeed. It was always the rule that The Police were not allowed in the first cache they were placed in after The Bank, but this way it is more explicit.

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