Players 2013


Wallace The Bank Robber is in Germany

Robbie the Robber has changed his mission

Robba Fett seems to be missing.

Robbers Coming Home (they DO NOT have the co-ordinates for The Bank)

Deadbeat Pete

Larry Lender

Julie Andrews


Keith the Thief

‘Eadcase ‘Arry

The Hoover Bandit

Robin Banks- Hopefully!

The King, Troll and Joker

Robbers Who Have Made it Home

PlasmaWave’s Robber

Heart Robber

Pirate Pete

Buster “The Punk”

The Pilfering Plumber

Desperate Dave

Robbie McThiefy

Police Officers

K9 Unit


Policeman Pat

The Derby Bobby

Pompey Plod

Chief Inspector Taff

Out Of The Game (they may still have co-ordinates for The Bank)

The Janitor

Clint PobSlug the kid

Don Dolan -Irish Mafia Boss

The Italian Job

The Borg Bank Robber


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