Pirate Pete

Buster Banks

Robbers who have made it to The Bank
(they no longer carry the coordinates to The Bank)

Mad Max the Wrestler

Bilbo the Bank Burglar

Shotgun Stu

Grizzly Robber

Drake Dastardly

Halloween Pumpkin

Police Officers

K9 Unit


Mega PoliceMan

The Derby Bobby





Robbers who have made it home!!

Robbie McThiefy

The Janitor

Buster “The Punk”

Robbers no longer in the game

The King, Troll and Joker

Vital Evidence

“Elderly Rob”

Robert the Robber

Freddy le Fox

Robber Robin

Ronnie the Robber

Valerio Viccei

Darth Raider

Commissioner Rodz


The Terrible Two

Robbie McThiefy

Bella Trembles

Davy Pigg


Sam’s Getaway Car

Gromit the Bank Robber

One Response to Players

  1. Tim Hewison says:

    Love the idea of the Bank Job. If the Minifigs get caught, they could be put in my Reading Gaol for Minifigs (!

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