Players 2012

Robbers- as the game has finished these guys may or may not still have the co-ordinates attached.

Red Beard no longer on mission

Stan The Man no longer on mission

Clint Pobslug Kid joined 2013 game


Ronnie Piggs probably missing

The Lincolnshire Poacher in USA

Baby Face Nelson is no longer on mission

Robbers on the way Home.
(These no longer have the co-ordinates for The Bank)

Keith The Thief joined the 2013 game

Robbie McThiefy joined 2013 game

Ronnie The Robber made it home!

Sams Getaway Van

Valerio Viccei made it home!

B J the Bank Bandit made it home!

Pete the Pirate joined 2013 game

‘Bankjob’ Bernie is on a world tour

Robbers who have made it home!!!!

The Handcuffed Amasons

Briar Hill Robber

Garth Vader



K9 Unit

The Derby Bobby

The London Bobby

Commisioner Rodz

Out Of The Game

Trampy’s Getaway Bus

The Thief

The Hoover Bandit

Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber

John Dillinger

Charlie Croker

East End ‘Arry

The Janitor


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