The Bank Job 2013- souvenir

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A Souvenir by: The Bank Job
Artist Name: cHramm
Additional Information:

The Bank Job 2013

The 2nd Bank Job was played in 2013. Robbers were released from home caches across the East Midlands in a race to get to one of two Banks: South Coast or South Wales. Once there, they had a gold coin added and were set off again for a race home. The winner was the first robber to get home with a gold coin. All the time avoiding the Police tbs!
Anyone involved in the game can claim this souvenir; either by entering a robber, moving a robber or owning a cache that a robber is placed in.
The winner in 2013 was PlasmaWave.

2 Responses to The Bank Job 2013- souvenir

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  2. steve clark says:

    great game glad to move him on for you s and r clark

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